Sirintra Nakjang

After completing an MRes in Bioinformatics at Newcastle University, Sirintra started her career in bioinformatics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a computer biologist maintaining an in-house genotyping analysis pipeline. She then returned to Newcastle to carry out her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Robert P. Hirt and Prof. Anil Wipat. Her PhD project involved the development of a systematic, high-throughput sequence analysis workflow to automate the analyses of genome sequence data. The main purpose of this workflow was to identify novel extracytoplasmic protein families that may play important roles in host-microbe interactions. Having gained knowledge of the evolution of protein families in microorganisms, she continued her post-doctoral research in Prof. Martin Embley and Prof. Robert P. Hirt’s group in the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences. She investigated the evolution of gene families in the genomes of eukaryotic parasites. Sirintra joined the Bioinformatics Support Unit in March 2014. Her main role is to support the bioinformatics activities within the Northern Institute of Cancer Research.

Email address:

Sirintra’s main areas of research interests include:

  • Comparative genomics
  • Protein family evolution
  • Reconstruction of metabolic pathways from genomic data
  • High-throughput data analysis and workflow development
  • Data integration

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